We found it frustrating that the westernised public healthcare system is built on the idea that you should go to the doctor when you get ill?

Don’t you wish you could ask your doctor to give you a full body check-up from top to toe, preferably repeated every now and then to make sure everything is fine with your body?

How come similar check-up is mandatory in most countries in the world for a car, but not our body?

We believe that many people don’t have to get sick and die of diseases that could have been prevented.

Preventive You is the most complete health care service in preventive care, and the service we provide is the only in the world that combines medical screening with genetic analyses and a full body check-up, beyond any other service on the market.

Would you like us to examine your whole body with the most outstanding technology and up-to-date science?

We wish YOU, your spouse, your children, your parents, friends and co-workers a healthy life!

Preventive You was founded by three experienced scientists with vast research experience in medicine, genetics and biology. This service has been surgically planned since 2005 with gathered knowledge and experience from some of the world top healthcare providers in the most eminent countries, among them Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Portugal and Spain.

For more information about our different programs and universities, please visit www.preventiveyou.com