A common thread hold us together!

You must be the change you want to see in the world -Gandhi

Our CEO and founder saw two glaring challenges during his time working as a doctor in the Swedish health care sector.  The first one is the ever increasing waiting times the patients were facing, both specifically in the rural areas of Sweden but also a general increase everywhere.  The second challenge was how every year more and more aspiring medicine students were declined to start their studies despite the increasing demand for new doctors on the Swedish market. From these two challenges Qurazone was invented. A company built from the will and desire to help combat these challenges together with a clear vision and mission based on the philanthropic ideals of a doctor to help be a positive change for Sweden.

  • Our ambition is to be the first choice for any heath care professionals who want to work with combating the increasing waiting times for the patients in the whole of Sweden
  • We are actively working to make sure that more and more aspiring Swedish students are given the opportunity to get an education in the heath care related sector to help quench the ever increasing demands of the Swedish health care.
  • We always want to be the company who give the respect and compensation that health care professionals deserve when they travel around the country to offer their unique knowledge, know how, and competencies.
  • We want to create a more safer more accessible health care for those in Sweden who are far away from the nearest healthcare center or hospital by distributing “digital nurses” to pharmacies, travel agencies, and companies. We do this by introducing the digital healthcare system 19 Gale a Silicon Valley based tech company who let your doctor get all the readings he need to make a correct diagnostic of you even when you can not meet in person.

We are proud to announce that we are already little by little reaching these goals. 

  • The company is located both in Sweden and in Spain.
  • We are actively working with the health care professionals of tomorrow to get the education they and Sweden desperately need and can today boast that we have more than 270 students studying abroad through us who are all getting ready to reinforce the challenges Sweden will face tomorrow.
  • From Norrbotten to Göteborg and the island of Gotland, we have doctors in the whole of Sweden working with us right now