We put our heart into it

This phrase originated from the company slogan, has been used as a motto since the company’s beginning in 2008. In addition, the phrase provides a visible, concise statement of our philosophy.  It informs and reassures those who seek our services, and serves as a daily reminder to employees of our commitment to all of our collaborators.

QuraZone is committed to the care and improvement of health and strives to deliver high quality, cost effective services in the countries we serve. Building on the foundation provided by our Mission & Values, QuraZone puts YOU first and works to constantly improve the services we offer and provide the highest possible quality.

At its founding QuraZone was involved in the health industry. Today, we are one of the leading provider of preventive healthcare services, health staff recruitment in the nordic countries and student recruitment services throughout Europe.

First and last, we aim to help dependant or diseased people and above all, children, to a better life and brighter future through our charity contributions.